Autographed Books


Across The Brazos - autographed by Ermal Walden Williamson to Ray

Actors Only - autographed by Terry Frost

The Addams Chronicles - autographed by John 'Gomez' Astin, Lisa 'Wednesday' Loring, Felix 'Cousin Itt' Silla & Stephen Cox

The Addams Chronicles (An Altogether Ooky Look At The Addams Family) - autographed by Stephen Cox to Ray Courts

Alias Smith & Jones (The Story Of Two Pretty Good Bad Men) - autographed by Roger Davis to Ray

Alma Hitchcock (The Woman Behind The Man) - autographed by Pat Hitchcock to Sharon & Ray

The All-American Cowboy Cookbook (Over 300 Recipes From The World's Greatest Cowboys) - autographed by Ken Beck

The All-American Cowboy Grill (Sizzlin' Recipes From The World's Greatest Cowboys) - autographed by Cheryl Rogers-Barnett to Ray & Sharon

All The World's A Stage - autographed by Dennis Weaver to Sharon & Ray

An Ambush Of Ghosts (A Personal Guide To Favorite Western Film Locations) - autographed by David Rothel to Ray & Sharon

American Grand Prix Racing: A Century Of Drivers & Cars - autographed by Tim Considine to Ray & Sharon

American Prince: A Memoir - autographed by Tony Curtis to Sharon & Ray

The Andy Griffith Show Book - autographed by Hal 'Otis Campbell' Smith to Sharon

Andy Williams: Moon River & Me - autographed by Andy Williams

Ann Miller Tops In Taps (An Authorized Pictorial History) - autographed by Ann Miller to Sharon & Ray

Another Side Of Hollywood - autographed by House Peters, Jr. to Ray & Sharon

Apollo (An Eyewitness Account By Astronaut / Explorer Artist / Moonwalker Alan Bean) - autographed by Alan Bean to Sharon & Ray

Are My Blinkers Showing? (Adventures In Filmmaking In The 'New' Russia) - autographed by Michael York to Sharon & Ray

The Art Of Ray Harryhausen - autographed by Ray Harryhausen to Sharon & Ray

As I Am - autographed by Patricia Neal to Sharon & Ray

Aunt Bee's Mayberry Cookbook - autographed by Betty 'Thelma Lou' Lynn to Sharon

Baby Doll - autographed by Carroll Baker to Sharon & Ray

Backstage With The Original Hollywood Squares - autographed by Peter Marshall

Back To The Batcave - autographed by Adam 'Batman' West to Ray & Sharon

Barney Fife & Other Characters I Have Known - autographed by Don 'Barney Fife' Knotts - Paperback

The Best Of Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction Film Art - autographed by Ronald V. Borst to Ray

The Best Years Of My Life - autographed by Virginia Mayo

Betty Garrett & Other Songs - autographed by Betty Garrett to Sharon & Ray

Beverly Hills Tutor - autographed by Libby Keatings

Beyond Lois Lane - autographed by Larry Thomas Ward & Noel 'Lois Lane' Neill to Sharon & Ray

Bing Crosby: Call Me Lucky - autographed by Bing Crosby to William Stanhope

Blackstone's Secrets Of Magic - autographed by Harry Blackstone to Frank Appleton

The Boy With The Betty Grable Legs: A Showbiz Memoir - autographed by Skip E. Lowe to Ray & Sharon

Boy Wonder - My Life In Tights ("Holy Tell-All, Batman") - autographed by Burt 'Robin' Ward

Bronco Layne Annual (1963) - autographed by Ty 'Bronco Layne' Hardin

Building The Classic Physique The Natural Way - autographed by Steve 'Hercules' Reeves to Ray & Sharon

Buzz Aldrin (The Long Journey Home From The Moon) - autographed by Buzz Aldrin

Call Me Lumpy (My "Leave It To Beaver Days" & Other Wild Hollywood Life) - autographed by Frank 'Lumpy' Bank

Celebrity Stew - autographed by Leo Pearlstein to Ray & Sharon

Charlton Heston Presents The Bible - autographed by Charlton Heston to Ray & Sharon Courts

Charlton Hestonís Hollywood (50 Years In American Films) - autographed by Charlton Heston to Sharon & Ray

Cheyenne Annual (1961) - autographed by Clint 'Cheyenne' Walker to Sharon & Ray

Come & Knock On My Door (A Hers & Hers & His Guide To Three's Company) - autographed by Don Knotts, Richard Kline, Norman Fell, Audra Lindley, 
                                                                                                                             Priscilla Barnes & Joyce DeWitt to Sharon & Ray - Paperback

Company Of Heroes (My Life As An Actor In The John Ford Stock Company) - autographed by Harry Carey, Jr. to Ray & Sharon

The Company She Keeps - autographed by Georgia Durante to Ray & Sharon

Cowboys In The Kitchen (Cookbook) - autographed by John Hart to Ray & Sharon

Cyber 755 - autographed by Andrew Divoff to Sharon & Ray

A Dance & A Hug - autographed by Marjorie Lord to Sharon & Ray

Darn Right It's Butch (Memories Of "Our Gang") - autographed by Tommy 'Butch' Bond to Ray & Sharon

Dear Audience - autographed by Blanche Yurka to Mrs. White

Dear Salmoneus (The World's First Guide To Love & Money) - autographed by Robert Trebor to Sharon & Ray

Decision At Nagasaki (The Mission That Almost Failed) - autographed by Lieutenant Colonel Fred J. Olivi to Sharon & Ray Courts

Didn't You Use To Be What's His Name? - autographed by Denny 'Tarzan' Miller

The Disney Films - 3rd Edition - autographed by Leonard Maltin

Dizzy & Jimmy (My Life With James Dean) - autographed by Liz Sheridan to Sharon & Ray

Don't Look Back, We're Not Going That Way! - autographed by Marcia Wallace to Sharon & Ray

Don't Mind If I Do - autographed by George Hamilton to Sharon & Ray

The Dream Factory - autographed by Janet Leigh to Sharon & Ray

Duke (We're Glad We Knew You) - autographed by Herb Fagen to Ray & Sharon Courts

Eat This (It'll Make You Feel Better!) - autographed by Dom DeLuise to Ernest

Eat This Again (It'll Make You Feel Better!) - autographed by Dom DeLuise to Ray & Sharon

Eat This Too! (It'll Also Make You Feel Better!) - autographed by Dom DeLuise to Ray & Sharon

ElfQuest - Book 1 - autographed by Wendy Pini & Richard Pini - # 1832 of 3000 (with hard cover case)

ElfQuest - Book 2 - autographed by Wendy Pini - # 2109 of 4000 (with hard cover case)

Encounter With Tiber - autographed by Apollo Astronaut Buzz Aldrin

Endless Highway - autographed by David Carradine to Sharon

Endless Highway - autographed by David Carradine to Ray

Erik Estrada: My Road From Harlem To Hollywood - autographed by Erik Estrada to Sharon & Ray

Ernie: The Autobiography - autographed by Ernest Borgnine to Sharon & Ray

Eugene 'Pineapple' Jackson (His Own Story) - autographed by Eugene 'Pineapple' Jackson to Sharon & Ray

Fall Down Laughing (How 'Squiggy' Caught M. S. & Didn't Tell Nobody) - autographed by David L. Lander to Sharon & Ray

The Family Affair Cookbook - autographed by Kathy 'Cissy' Garver to Sharon

The Famous Mister Ed (The Unbridled Truth About America's Favorite Talking Horse) - autographed by Alan Young

Fantasy Femmes Of Sixties Cinema - autographed by Celeste Yarnall to Ray & Sharon

Father Does Know Best (The Lauren Chapin Story) - autographed by Lauren Chapin to Sharon & Ray

The First Official TV Western Book - autographed by Neil Summers to Ray

Fleeing The Fates Of The Little Rascals - autographed by Laura June Kenny to Sharon & Ray

Forever Dobie - autographed by Dwayne 'Dobie Gillis' Hickman & Joan Roberts Hickman to Sharon & Ray

Forever Two As One - autographed by Tai Babilonia & Randy Gardner to Sharon & Ray

From Ballet To The Batcave & Beyond - autographed by Yvonne 'Batgirl' Craig

From Fallen To Forgiven (A Spiritual Journey Into Wholeness & Healing) - autographed by Jennifer O'Neill to Sharon & Ray

From Rags To Bitches - autographed by Mr. Blackwell to Sharon & Ray or Ray & Sharon

From The Holocaust To Hogan's Heroes - autographed by Robert Clary to Sharon & Ray

George Burns (In His Own Words) - autographed by Herb Fagen to Ray & Sharon

George Jones: I Lived To Tell It All - autographed by George Jones

Glamour Girls Of The Century - autographed by Bunny Yeager

GOD In The Hard Times - autographed by Dale Evans Rogers

Goin' Hollywood (1887 / 1987) - autographed by Delmar Watson to Ray & Sharon

Going Vegan!: Stay Fit & Healthy For Life - autographed by Linda Blair to Sharon & Ray

A Gourmet Guide To Good Eating With Hydroponic Tomatoes - autographed by Robert Ladd to Sharon

Golden Girl - autographed by Shirley 'The Golden Girl' Eaton

Grandfather's Good Medicine - autographed by Deborah Walley to Ray & Sharon

The Great American Broadcast - autograph by Leonard Maltin to Sharon & Ray

Growing Up Brady (I Was A Teenage Greg) - autographed by Young Artist Award Winner Barry Williams

Hal Lifton's 1966! (A Personal View Of The Coolest Year In Pop Culture History) - autographed by Hal Lifton to Sharon & Ray

Hang-Ups (Paintings By Jonathan Winters) - autographed by Jonathan Winters to Sharon & Ray

Hank Zipzer ("The Curtain Went Up, My Pants Fell Down") - autographed by Henry Winkler

Hank Zipzer ("Help! Somebody Get Me Out Of Fourth Grade!") - autographed by Henry Winkler

Hank Zipzer ("Holy Enchilada!") - autographed by Henry Winkler

Hank Zipzer ("My Dog's A Scaredy-Cat: A Halloween Tail") - autographed by Henry Winkler

Hank Zipzer ("My Secret Life As A Ping-Pong Wizard") - autographed by Henry Winkler

Hank Zipzer ("The Night I Flunked My Field Trip") - autographed by Henry Winkler

Hank Zipzer ("Summer School! What Genius Thought That Up?") - autographed by Henry Winkler

Hank Zipzer's 4 Pack Collection ("Niagara Falls Or Does It?", "I Got A 'D' In Salami", "Day Of The Iguana" & "The Zippity Zinger")
                                                                                                                                                                                                     autographed by Henry Winkler

Hailing Taxi (The Offical Book Of The Show) - autographed by Randal Carver & President Jeff Conaway

Hansel & Gretel - autographed by Dom DeLuise to Ray & Sharon

Hello Darlin' (Tall & Absolutely True Tales About My Life) - autographed by Larry Hagman to Sharon & Ray

Here On Gilligan's Isle - autographed by Russell 'The Professor' Johnson to Ray & Sharon

Here On Gilligan's Isle - autographed by Steve Cox

Historic Hollywood: An Illustrated History - autographed by Marc Wanamaker & Robert Nudelman to Ray & Sharon

Hollywood Crows - autographed by Joseph Wambaugh to Ray & Sharon

Hollywood Haunted - autographed by Laurie Jacobson to Sharon & Ray

Hollywood Hoofbeats (Trails Blazed Across The Silver Screen) autographed by Petrine Day Mitchum to Sharon & Ray

Hollywood's Child: Dancing Through Oz - autographed by Caren Marsh-Doll to Sharon & Ray

Holy Mackerel! (The Amos & Andy Story) - autographed by Nick 'Lightning' Stewart to Ray

Hotel Praha (Sawdust Dreams In An Old Commie Hotel) - autographed by Nick Mancuso - Paperback

How Do You Stay So Young? - autographed by Terry Moore to Sharon & Ray

How I Photograph Nudes - autographed by Bunny Yeager to Ray

The Hooterville Handbook - autographed by Eddie Albert

I Ain't Down Yet (The Autobiography Of My Little Margie) - autographed by Gale Storm

I Could Have Sung All Night: My Story - autographed by Marni Nixon to Sharon & Ray 

i.e. (An Autobiography) - autographed by Mickey Rooney to Sharon & Ray

If I'm So Famous, How Come Nobody's Ever Heard Of Me? - autographed by Jewel Shepard to Sharon & Ray

I Love Lucy (The Complete Picture History Of The Most Popular TV Show Ever) - autographed by Michael McClay to Ray Courts

I'm A Believer: My Life Of Monkees, Music & Madness - autographed by Micky Dolenz to Sharon & Ray

Images Of America (Early Hollywood) - autographed by Marc Wanamaker to Sharon & Ray

In The Arena - autographed by Charlton Heston to Sharon & Ray

In The Pit With Piper (Roddy Gets Rowdy) - autographed by Roddy 'Rowdy' Piper to Sharon & Ray

In The Winner's Circle (How To Win At The Race Track) - autographed by Bob Ladd to Ray

Iron Eyes Cody (The Proud American) - autographed by Iron Eyes Cody (#293 / #500)

Irish McCalla (TV's Original Sheena) - autograph by Irish 'Sheena' McCalla to Ray

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers: A Tribute - autographed by Dana Wynter & Kevin McCarthy to Ray & Sharon

Inventing Late Night (Steve Allen & The 'Original' Tonight Show) - autographed by Jayne Meadows Allen  to Sharon & Ray

I Love You, Ronnie: The Letters From Ronald Reagan To Nancy Reagan - autographed by Nancy Reagan

James Arness (An Autobiography) - autographed by James 'Marshall Matt Dillon' Arness to Ray & Sharon

Jerry Vale: A Singer' Life - autographed by Jerry Vale to Ray & Sharon

Just Farr Fun - autographed by Jamie Farr to Sharon & Ray

King Cowboy: Tom Mix & The Movies - autographed by Robert S. Birchard to Ray & Sharon

King Of The Sunset Strip (Hangin' With Mickey Cohen & The Hollywood Mob) - autographed by Steve Stevens to Ray & Sharon

"Kookie" No More - autographed by Edd 'Kookie' Byrnes to Sharon & Ray

Laid Back In Hollywood - autographed by Patricia Medina Cotten to Ray & Sharon

Lash LaRue: The King Of The Bullwhip - autographed by Lash LaRue to John

Lassie - autographed by Jon 'Timmy' Provost

Lessons From The Mountain (What I Learned From Erin Walton) - autographed by Mary McDonough to Ray & Sharon

Let The Magic Begin - autographed by Cathy Lee Crosby to Ray & Sharon

The Life & Times Of Maxwell Smart - autographed by Barbara 'Agent 99' Feldon & Don 'Maxwell Smart' Adams to Sharon & Ray

Life Is But A Scream! (The True Story Of The Rebirth Of Famous Monsters Of Filmland) - autographed by Ray Ferry to Ray & Sharon 

Life Is Too Short - autographed by Mickey Rooney

Life After Lucy (The True Story Of Keith Thibodeaux, "I Love Lucy's" Little Ricky) - autographed by Keith Thibodeaux to Sharon & Ray

Like A Lampshade In A Whorehouse (My Life In Comedy) - autographed by Phyllis Diller

Long Time No See (Confessions Of A Hollywood Gangster) - autographed by Marc Lawrence to Ray C.

The Longest Trek: My Tour Of The Galaxy - autographed by Grace Lee Whitney to Sharon & Ray - Limited Edition (# 275 / #1000)

Look Younger Longer Without Plastic Surgery - autographed by Eleni Dayle Iversen

Lou Ferrigno's Guide To Personal Power, Bodybuilding & Fitness For Everyone - autographed by Lou Ferrigno to Ray & Sharon

A Mad Mad Mad Mad World: A Life In Hollywood - autographed by Stanley Kramer

Making It BIG In The Movies (The Autobiography Of Richard 'Jaws' Kiel) - autographed by Richard Kiel to Ray & Sharon

The Man Who Turned Back The Clock (And Other Short Stories) - autographed by Steve Allen

Mary Ann's Gilligan's Island Cookbook - autographed by Dawn 'Mary Ann' Wells to Sharon

Me & My Shadows (A Family Memoir) - autographed by Lorna Luft to Ray & Sharon

Me & The Dead End Kids - autographed by Leo Gorcey, Jr. to Ray

Me & The Dead End Kids - autographed by Leo Gorcey, Jr. to Sharon

Memories Of A Munchkin (An Illustrated Walk Down The Yellow Brick Road) - autographed by Meinhardt Raabe to Sharon & Ray

Miller's High Life - autographed by Ann Miller to Sharon & Ray

Mind, Body & Soul In Balance - autographed by Juliet Mills to Sharon & Ray

Mister Ed & Me - autographed by Alan 'Wilbur Post' Young

Moments Of Clarity (Voices From The Front Lines Of Addiction & Recovery) - autographed by Christopher Kennedy Lawford to Ray & Sharon

Monster Mash: Half Dead In Hollywood (W / Bookmark) - autographed by Bobby 'Boris' Pickett to Sharon & Ray

Montie Montana (Not Without My Horse!) - autographed by Montie Montana to Ray & Sharon

The Munchkins Remember: The Wizard Of Oz & Beyond - autographed by Steve Cox & Mickey Carroll to John

Murder On The Atlantic - autographed by Steve Allen

My First Years With Bing - autographed by Kathryn Crosby to Sharon & Ray

My Incredible Life As The HULK - autographed by Lou 'The Hulk' Ferrigno to Sharon & Ray

My Last Years With Bing Crosby - autographed by Kathryn Crosby to Sharon & Ray

My Vagabond Lover - autographed by Eleanor Vallee to Ray & Sharon

Natalie (A Memoir By Her Sister) - autographed by Lana Wood to Sharon & Ray

Natural Dog Care - autographed by Celeste Yarnall to Ray Jr. & Midnight

The Official Mickey Mouse Club Book - autographed by Mouseketeer Doreen Tracey

The Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide (Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs Golden Anniversary On The Cover)
                                                                                                 autographed by Adriana Caselotti (Voice Of 'Snow White') to Ray
& Sharon Courts

The Official TV Western Book: Volume 2 - autographed by Neil Summers to Ray

The Official TV Western Book: Volume 3 - autographed by Neil Summers to Ray

The Official TV Western Book: Volume 4 - autographed by Neil Summers to Ray

On The Grind - autographed by Stephen J. Cannell to Ray & Sharon Court

Other People, Other Places (Memories Of Four Continents) - autographed by Dana Wynter to Sharon & Ray

Out Of Control, In Full Command: The Unconscious Actor - autographed by Darryl Hickman to Sharon & Ray

Out Of Hollywood (Two Generations Of Actors) - autographed by Robert Dix to Ray & Sharon

Pandering - autographed by Heidi Fleiss  

The Park Avenue Chorus Boy - autographed by Michael Mason to Sharon & Ray

Passion & Betrayal - autographed by Gennifer Flowers to Sharon & Ray

Pat Boone's America: 50 Years - autographed by Pat Boone

Peggy Stewart (Princess Of The Prairie) - autographed by Peggy Stewart to Ray & Sharon

Perverse, Adverse & Rottenverse - autographed by June Foray to Ray & Sharon

Pieces Of My Heart - autographed by Robert J. Wagner to Ray & Sharon

Pierce Lyden: Camera! Roll 'Em! Action!! - autographed by Pierce Lyden to Sharon

Pierce Lyden: From The "B's" To T.V.'s - autographed by Pierce Lyden to Sharon & Ray 

Pierce Lyden: The Movie Badmen I Rode With - autographed by Pierce Lyden to Sharon & Ray

Pierce Lyden: Those Saturday Serials - autographed by Pierce Lyden to Ray

The Playerís Handbook - autographed by Heidi Fleiss

Please Don't Call Me Tarzan - autographed by Herman Brix / Bruce Bennett to Sharon & Ray

The Presley Family Cookbook - autographed by Vester Presley

Pufnstuf & Other Stuff - autographed by Billie Hayes, Patty Maloney & Van Snowden to Sharon & Ray

Razzle Dazzle - autographed by Stella Stevens to Sharon & Ray

Resident Alien (The Hilarious Adventures Of A Public School Man In Wildest California) - autographed by Ian Whitcomb to Sharon

Revitalize Your Life After 50 - autographed by Jack LaLanne to Ray & Sharon

Rex Allan: The Arizona Cowboy - autographed by Rex Allen to JR

Rin Tin Tin ('Call To Danger') (1957) - autographed by Lee 'Rusty' Aaker to Sharon

Robert Wise (On His Films) - autographed by Robert Wise to Ray & Sharon

Robotech - Art 1 - autographed by Kay Reynolds & Ardith Carlton - # 240 of 1,200 (with hard cover case)

The Rock & Roll Cookbook - autographed by Dick & Sandy St. John (Dick & Dee Dee) to Connie

The Rock & Roll Cookbook - autographed by Dick & Sandy St. John (Dick & Dee Dee) to Ray & Sharon

Rough Edges: My Unlikely Road From Welfare To Washington - autographed by Congressman James E. Rogan to Ray & Sharon

The Round-Up: A Pictorial History Of Western Movie & Television Stars Through The Years - autographed by Donald R. Key to Ray & Sharon 

Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In - autographed by Ruth 'Gladys' Buzzi to Sharon & Ray

Roy Rogers & The Enchanted Canyon - autographed by Roy Rogers

Rudy Vallee (Kisses & Tells) - autographed by Eleanor Vallee

Rusting In The Rain (New & Selected Poems) - autographed by Rod McKuen to Sharon & Ray

Saturdays Forever - autographed by Harold Smith to John

Second Spring & Two Potatoes - autographed by Ilka Chase to William Stanhope

See, I Told You So - autographed by Rush Limbaugh

Send Yourself Flowers: Thoughts On My Life, Love & Leading Roles - autographed by Kathleen Turner to Sharon & Ray

A Shakespearean Actor Prepares - autographed by Michael York to Ray & Sharon

Shattered Love: A Memoir - autographed by Richard Chamberlain to Sharon & Ray

Shirley Jones & Marty Ingels (Hollywood's Wacky & Wonderful Love Story) - autographed by Shirley Jones & Marty Ingels to Ray & Sharon

Short & Sweet (The Life & Times Of The Lollipop Munchkin) - autographed by Jerry Maren to Ray & Sharon

Sing A Pretty Song (The 'Offbeat' Life Of Edie Adams Including The Ernie Kovacs Years) - autographed by Edie Adams to Sharon

Soap Opera Cafe (The Skinny On Food From A Daytime Star) - autographed by Robin Mattson to Sharon

Soupy Sez! (My Life & Zany Times) - autographed by Soupy Sales to Sharon & Ray

So You Wanna Be A Director? - autographed by Ken Annakin to Sharon & Ray

So You Want To Be In Show Business - autographed by Steve Stevens, Sr. to Sharon & Ray

Spiraling Through The School Of Life - autographed by Diane Ladd to Sharon & Ray

Stand Up Guy (The "Larger" Than Life Stories Of A Candy Store Gangster) - autographed by Frank D'Amico to Ray & Sharon

Starstruck (Photographs From A Fan) - autographed by Gary Lee Boas to Sharon

Star-Wagon - autographed by Peggy Wood on September 18, 1936 to 

Steps To Stardom (My Story) - autographed by Paul Picerni to Sharon & Ray

Steve McQueen (Portrait Of An American Rebel) - autographed by Marshall Terrill

Straight From The Horse's Mouth (Ronald Neame: An Autobiography) - autographed by Ronald Neame to Sharon & Ray

Studio Affairs (My Life As A Film Director) - autographed by Vincent Sherman to Ray & Sharon

Superman On Television - autographed by Michael Bifulco to Sharon & Ray

Surviving Myself - autographed by Jennifer O'Neill to Sharon & Ray

Tab Hunter Confidential: The Making Of A Movie Star - autographed by Tab Hunter to Sharon & Ray

Tarzan & The Lost City Of Gold - autographed by Johnny Sheffield

Thank Heaven: A Memoir - autographed by Leslie Caron

They Still Call Me Junior - autographed by Frank 'Junior' Coghlan to Ray

"They're Here ..." (Invasion Of The Body Snatchers) - autographed Dana Wynter & Kevin McCarty

The Three Stooges (The Triumphs & Tragedies Of The Most Popular Comedy Team Of All Times) -
                                                                                                                       autographed by Jeff & Tom Forrester, Joe Wallison & Paul 'Mousie' Garner

This Business Of Television  - autographed by Howard J. Blumenthal & Oliver R. Goodenough to Natalie

Tim Burton's "Nightmare Before Christmas" - autographed by Frank Thompson

Tim Holt - autographed by David Rothel to Ray & Sharon

Timmy's In The Well: The Jon Provost Story - autographed by Jon Provost & Laurie Jacobson to Sharon & Ray

To "B" Or Not To "B" ( A Film Actor's Odyssey) - autographed by Robert Clarke to Ray Courts

The Tommy Sands Fan Club Cookbook - autographed by Tommy Sands to Ray & Sharon

The Tonya Harding Tapes: The Tonya Harding Story In Her Own Words - autographed by Tonya Harding to Sharon & Ray

Traci Lords On Paper - autographed by Traci Lords

True Britt - autographed by Britt Ekland to Ray & Sharon

Truth, Justice & The American Way (The Life & Times Of Noel Neill: The 'Original' Lois Lane) - autographed by Noel Neill & Larry Ward to Sharon & Ray

Truth, Justice & The American Way (The Life & Times Of Noel Neill: The 'Original' Lois Lane) - Collector's Edition - 
                                                                                                                                                     autographed by Noel Neill & Larry Ward to Sharon & Ray

The Twilight Zone: Scripts & Stories - autographed by George Clayton Johnson

The Twilight Zone Companion - autographed by Marc Scott Zicree to Sharon & Ray

The Ultimate Bogart - autographed by Ernest W. Cunningham to Sharon & Ray

The Ultimate Marilyn - autographed by Ernest W. Cunningham to Sharon & Ray

The Unoffical Gilligan's Island Handbook - autographed by Russell 'The Professor' Johnson

Valley Of The Dolls - autographed by Barbara Parkins to Ray & Sharon

Voices From Home: An Inner Journey - autographed by Anne Francis to Bob

Wagon Train (1959) - autographed by Robert Horton to Ray

Wagon Train: The Television Series - autographed by James Rosin to Sharon & Ray

Walt Disney's Bambi - autographed by Ron Dias to Sharon

Walt Disney's "Spin & Marty" ('Trouble At Triple-R') (1958) - autographed by Tim 'Spin' Considine & David 'Marty' Stollery to Sharon & Ray

Walt In Wonderland (The Silent Films Of Walt Disney) - autographed by Virginia 'Alice' Davis to Richard

Walt's Time: From Before To Beyond - autographed by Robert B. Sherman & Richard M. Sherman to Sharon & Ray

The Way We Wore (Styles Of The 30's & 40's & Our World Since Then) - autographed by Marsha Hunt to Sharon

The Western Films Of Sunset Carson - autographed by Sunset Carson to John

What Ever Happened To Baby Peggy? - autographed by Diana 'Baby Peggy' Serra Cary to Ray & Sharon Courts

What GOD Hath Joined (The Real-Life Love Story That Shook The Catholic Church) - autographed by Terrance A. Sweeney & Pamela Shoop Sweeney to Ray & Sharon

Winter' Tales (Stories & Observations For The Unusual) - autographed by Jonathan Winters to Sharon & Ray

The Wisdom Of Big Bird (& The Dark Genius Of Oscar The Grouch) - autographed by Caroll Spinney to Sharon & Ray

With A Feather On My Nose - autographed by Billie Burke in 1949 to Jeanne Bing

The Wizard Of Oz (The Official 50th Anniversary Pictorial History) - autographed by Jay Scarfone, William Stillman & John Fricke

The Woman Who Wouldn't - autographed by Gene Wilder

Yaqui Gold - autographed by Clint 'Cheyenne' Walker to Sharon & Ray

The Years Of George Montgomery - autographed by George Montgomery

Yesterday's Children - autographed by Brett Halsey to Sharon & Ray

Zuzu Bailey's "It's A Wonderful Life" Cookbook - autographed by Karolyn 'Zulu' Grimes to Ray & Sharon

Zuzu's Recipe For "It's A Wonderful Life" Cookbook - autographed by Karolyn 'Zuzu' Grimes to Ray & Sharon

Zuzu's Wonderful Life In The Movies (The Story Of Karolyn Grimes) - autographed by Karolyn 'Zuzu' Grimes to Ray & Sharon