Autographed Television Scripts



autographed by Ted 'Doctor John Becker' Danson, Hattie 'Margaret Wyborn' Winston, Shawnee 'Linda' Smith and Alex 'Jake Malinak' Desert - "Someone's In The Kitchen With Reggie" - August 13th, 2002




autographed by Dennis 'Detective Andy Sipowicz' Franz, Gordon 'Detective Greg Medavoy' Clapp, Bill 'John Irvin' Brochtrup, Henry 'Detective Baldwin Jones' Simmons, Garcelle 'Assistant District Attorney Valerie Haywood' Beauvals, Esai 'Lieutenant Tony Rodriguez' Morales, Charlotte 'Detective Connie McDowell' Ross and Jacqueline 'Detective Rita Ortiz' Obradors - Script # 1033 - "Hearts & Souls" - October 14th, 1998



The Rosie O'Donnell Show


autographed by Neil Simon - October 1st, 1996