Autographed Records


(78rpm)  Autographed

Dallas - autographed by Steve 'Ray Krebbs' Kanaly, Ken 'Cliff Barnes' Kercheval & Charlene 'Lucy Ewing Cooper' Tilton

The French Line - autographed by Jane 'Mary "Mame" Carson' Russell 

How The West Was Won - autographed by Debbie 'Lilith Prescott' Reynolds

Shiloh Morning - autographed by Jeannie McGill, Ken Scheidler, George Strakis, 
       Leonard Marsh, Paul Welch
& Mark Hancock

Superman  (4 chapters from the radio program) - autographed by Noel 'Lois Lane' Neill

Teenage Triangle - autographed by James Darren, Paul Petersen & Shelley Fabares


 (45rpm)  Autographed

Lonely Christmas - autographed by Edd 'Kookie' Byrnes

Monster Mash - autographed by Bobby 'Boris' Pickett to Sharon & Ray


 (45rpm)  Not Autographed

South Pacific - An 'Original' Soundtrack Recording - (3) records - record cover is in good condition



Promotion Catalogs


Columbia Promotion News - Victor Borge Makes His Debut On Columbia Records - February 1946

Columbia Promotion News - Eugene Ormandy, Conductor: Philadelphia Orchestra - May 1946

Columbia Promotion News - Nelson Eddy In Republic's 'Northwest Outpost' - July 1947

Columbia Promotion News - Hansel & Gretel: First Metropolian Opera Recording! - September 1947

Warner / Elektra / Atlantic Presents: 1st Quarter 1981 - WEA Gold Standard