Feature & Television Scripts


Airwolf                                    “Dark Legacy”



All - White - Roc                     “Dear Landlord”


Arsenio                                   “Lisa’s First Script”

                                      “Show Me The Money”


Beaches                                    Feature


The Best Of The Worst          Hosted By Greg Kinnear


Billy                                       “Billy Flunks Mary”

The Blood Countess

The Boys Are Back
               “Bad Hair Day”

                                                “The Christmas Show”

                                      “Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Rick”

                                                “Get Me To The Church On Time”

                                                “The Favorite”

                                                “The First Day”

                                                “The Fishing Trip”

                                      “Fred Runs Away”

                                                “The French Class”

                                                “The Good, The Bad & The Hansens”

                                                “Mikey & Nike”

                                                “Punch & Judy”

                                                “Rick & Judy End Up In A Seedy Hotel Room”

                                      “Searching For Sarah Hensen”


                                                “A Tree Dies In Portland”

                                                “Where There’s A Will There’s A Melee”


Bustin’ Loose                          “It’s A Pizza Cake”


California Dreams                  “Double Date”

                   “Where’s Dennis?”


Chicken Soup                         “Take My Kids…Please!”


Coach                                     PILOT


Diff’rent Strokes                    “The Bar Mitzvah Boy”


Diresta                                    PILOT


Empty Nest                             “Harry’s Got a Gun”        

                   “The Mismatchmaker”

                             “The Return Of Aunt Susan”

                             “Father-Child Campout”


Evening Shade                        “First Heroes”
                                                “The Odder Couple”


Gilroy’s                                     Feature


The Golden Girls                    “Ebbtide VI - The Wrath Of Stan”

                             “The Monkey Show - Part 1”

                                                “Mother Load”

                                                “Questions & Answers”


Gone With The Wind              Feature - Premiere 55th Anniversary Edition - Collector's Edition - Sealed - MINT


Good & Evil                              Feature


Goode Behavior                     “Goode Cop, Bad Cop”

                                                            “Goode Daddy”

“Goode Together”


Grapefruit Moon                    “A Cup Of Coffee”


The Gregory Hines Show       “Basketball Jones”

          “Epilogue To A Kiss”

                                                “Flirting With Disaster”

                                                “I’ll See You All In Health”

                                                “Per Chance To Dance”


Growing Pains                        “Back To School”

                                                “The Big Fix”

                   “Happy Halloween - Parts I & II”   

                                                “In Vino Veritas”

                   “Jason Sings The Blues”

                   “The Last Picture Show”

         “Maggie’s Brilliant Career”

         “Menage A Luke”

                                                “Paper Tigers”

                                      “The Vicious Cycle”

          “The Wrath Of Con Ed”

                             “The Young
& The Homeless”


Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper      “Cheers”


Head Of The Class                 “On The Road Again”


Hearts Of Fire                        “Class Reunion”

                                                “Everyday’s A Holiday”

                                                “While The Thomason’s Slept”


The Hogan Family                  “Animal House”


How To Pick Up Girls!             Feature


Jack Of Hearts                         Feature


The Jeffersons                       “George’s Old Girlfriend”


It’s Never Too Late                “The Invasion”


It’s Your Move                       “Goodbye, Farewell & Amen”


The Kirk Franklin Show        “Stomp”


Knight Rider                           “Junkyard Dog”


Madness Reigns!                      Feature


Married With Children          “Change For A Buck”   

                                      “Dances With Weezy”

                   “Death Of A Shoesalesman”

                                                “Just Shoe It”

“A Little Off The Top”

            “Scared Single”

            “So This Is How Sinatra Felt”


Martin                                     “Dead Men Don’t Flush”

                                                “Do The Fight Thing”

                                                “Three Men & A Mouse”


Medical Center                       “Half A Life”


Murphy Brown                       “Life After Birth”

                   “You Say Potatoe, I Say Potato”


Ned & Stacey                          “Accountus Interruptus”

“Dorsey vs. Dorsey”

            “The End”

            “The Other End”


Nine To Five                           “Even Superwoman Gets The Blues”


Nurses                                     “A Lesson In Life”

                             “Moon Over Miami”

                                                “Rude Awakenings”


Outside Cicero                       PILOT


Pig Sty                                    “Beauty & The Beast”


Quantum Leap                        “Stand Up”


Roc                                         “Andrew Dates Matty”

                                      “The Artificial Insemination”

                             “Dear Landlord”

                                                “Joey’s First Fan”


Roseanne                                “The Dark Ages”

                                                “Mommy Nearest”

                                                “Scenes From A Barbecue”


The Rosie O’Donnell Show     September 4th, 1996 - Episode # 1048 P

                                                 October 1st, 1996 - Episode # 1070 P


Saved By The Bell                  “Day Of Detention”


                   “Masquerade Ball”

         Palm Springs Weekend”

         “School Song”


         “Zack’s Birthday Party”


Scorch                                     “Money, Money, Money”


Sisters                                     “Anna’s Busted”


Star Search                              Show Aired On 9/5/92

                     Show Aired On 9/6/92


Step By Step                           “Drive, He Said”

                   “He Wanted Wings”


Throw Mama F / T Train        Feature


Townies                                  “Faith, Hope & Charity”


The Twilight Zone                  “King Nine Will Not Return”


The Vernonia Incident            Feature  


Vinnie & Bobby                       “Killer Shiller”

                   “Vinnie Gets Sued”


Wings                                      “The Gift Of Life”

                                                “Olive Of Twist”

                                                “Porno For Pyros”

                                                “Single & Hating It”


Women In Prison                    PILOT


Women Of The House            “Guess Who’s Sleeping In Lincoln’s Bed?”  


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