Ken Berry Memorabilia

We personally purchased this memorabilia from Mr. Berry, on June 30th, 1997. 

Ken was getting ready to move and he just didn't have the extra space 
(at his new house) to take this merchandise with him.



Director’s Chairs

(Ken autographed this chair on the wood)


The Carol Burnett Show


Drawings / Sketches


30" x 40"


Going through my Ken Berry memorabilia, once again, I discovered 
2 drawings / sketches that I had purchased from Mr. Berry.


(1) A drawing / sketch from "Mama's Family" with Ken, Dorothy & Vicki


(2) A drawing / sketch from "F Troop" with Ken, Larry, Forest & 
Melody with the Troopers lined up on the right side of the poster.


These drawings / sketches are on thin paper and they are both autographed by Ken



Straw Hat

(autographed on the brim)

 Photo to be published soon



(Ken's name is embroidered on the front of these
jackets and they are also autographed)

(2)  Mama's Family Jackets, Embroidered Ken

Win, Lose Or Draw Jacket, Embroidered Ken 

 Jacket W/ American Flag, Embroidered Ken Berry

Captain Kangaroo Jacket - NOT Embroidered

Costume from "The Ken Berry 'WOW' Show"


16mm 1/2 Hour Color Mayberry R.F.D. Television Shows

16mm ˝ Hour Color Mayberry R.F.D. Television Shows:

These prints have original commercials and are from Ken's private collection.

The Farmer's Exchange Program, The Mynah Bird, Emmett Takes A Fall and Health Fund

Unfortunately the color is starting to go on these prints so we are advertising them as RED

“Millie & The Palm Springs Golf Pro” has no commercials and, once again, we are advertising it as RED