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Amapola - Pretty Little Poppy  

“Anchors Aweigh” - ‘What Makes The Sunset?’

“And The Angels Sing” - ‘It Could Happen To You’

“Around The World” - ‘Don’t Believe Everything You Dream’ & ‘Candlelight & Wine’

Balalaika - At The Balalaika

“The Bells Of St. Mary’s” - ‘The Bells Of St. Mary’s’  

“Billie” - ‘Where Were You? Where Was I?’  

“Black Spurs” ‘Black Spurs’ 

“Broadway Melody Of 1940” ‘I Concentrate On You’

“Call Of The Flesh” ‘Lonely’  

“Call Of The Prairie” - ‘The Call Of The Prairie’

“Can’t Help Singing”‘Can’t Help Singing’, ‘Any Moment Now’ & ‘Californ-i-ay’

“Check & Double Check” ‘Three Little Words’ - Amos & Andy

“Chez Paree” ‘In The Blue Of The Evening’

“Christmas Holiday” ‘Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year’

“Cocoanut Grove” - ‘Says My Heart’  

“College Swing” ‘You’re A Natural’ 

“A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthurs Court” - ‘When Is Sometime?’  

“Copacabana” - ‘Je Vous Aime’

“Dancing Sweeties” ‘Kiss Waltz’

“The Darling Daughters” - ‘The Dickey-Bird Song’  

“The Desert Song” - ‘One Alone’

“Diamond Horseshoe” - ‘I Wish I Knew’  

“Dixie” - ‘Sunday, Monday Or Always’,‘If You Please’ & ‘If You Please’

“The Dolly Sisters” ‘I’m Always Chasing Rainbows’

“Double Or Nothing” - ‘The Moon Got In My Eyes’  

“Down Argentine Way” ‘Two Dreams Met’ 

“Drag” - ‘My Song Of The Nile’  

“Five Card Stud” - ‘5 Card Stud’

“For Me & My Gal” - ‘For Me & My Gal’

“The Fleet’s In” - ‘Tangerine’  

“The Gay Divorcee” - ‘The Continental - You Kiss While You're Dancing’  

“The Girl From Utah” - ‘They Didn’t Believe Me’

“Going My Way” - ‘Going My Way’ & ‘Swinging On A Star’

“The Great Gabbo” - ‘I’m In Love With You’  

“The Great John L” - ‘A Friend Of Yours’

“The Great Victor Herbert” - ‘Rose Of The World’

“The Great Waltz” - ‘I’m In Love With Vienna’, ‘One Day When We Were Young’ & ‘There’ll Come A Time’

“Greenwich Village” - ‘Whispering’

“A Guy Named Joe” - ‘I’ll Get By (As Long As I Have You’  

“Guys & Dolls” - ‘Pet Me, Poppa’ & ‘A Woman In Love’

“Happy Go Lucky” - ‘Let’s Get Lost’

“Harold Teen” - ‘How Do I Know It's Sunday?’  

“Hello Frisco Hello” - ‘You’ll Never Know’  

“Her Masters Voice” - ‘With All My Heart’  

“Here Comes The Band” - ‘Roll Along Prairie Moon’  

“Hers To Hold” - ‘Say A Little Prayer For The Boys Over There’

“The High & The Mighty” - ‘The High & The Mighty’

“Higher & Higher” - ‘A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening’

“Hi’ Ya Sailor” - ‘So Good Night’

“The Hit Parade” - ‘Was It Rain?’  

“Holiday Inn” - ‘White Christmas’                             

“Hollywood Canteen” - ‘Sweet Dreams, Sweetheart’ & ‘Corns For My Country’

“Hot-Cha” - ‘You Can Make My Life A Bed Of Roses (Marry Me)’  

“Irish Eyes Are Smiling” - ‘Let The Rest Of The World Go By’

“The Jolson Story” - ‘April Showers’ & ‘The Anniversary Song’

“Jolson Sings Again” - ‘For Me & My Gal’

“The King Steps Out” - ‘Stars In My Eyes’

“Lady In The Dark” - ‘Jenny’ & ‘Suddenly, It's Spring’

“Laurel & Hardy” - ‘Jitterbugs’

“Louisianna Purchase” - ‘It’s A Lovely Day Tomorrow’  

“Love & Hisses” - ‘I Wanna Be In Winchell’s Column’  

“Love In The Rough” - ‘Go Home & Tell Your Mother’  

“Lucky Boy” - ‘My Mother’s Eyes’  

“Marianne” - ‘Just You, Just Me’

Mission Impossible - The Plot, Jim On The Move & The Theme from M. I.

“Mother Wore Tights” - ‘Kokomo, Indiana’

“New Moon” - ‘Softly As In A Morning Sunrise’

“The Night Of The Grizzly” - ‘Angela’

“Nob Hill” - ‘I Walked In With My Eyes Wide Open’ & ‘I Don’t Care Who Knows It’

“Old Acquaintance” - ‘Old Acquaintance’

“Out Of This World” - ‘I’d Rather Be Me’

“The Paleface” - ‘Buttons & Bows’  

“Pan-Americana” - ‘Stars In Your Eyes’

“The Perils Of Pauline - ‘I Wish I Didn’t Love You So’

“The Pied Pipers” - ‘Dream’

“Porgy & Bess” - ‘Summertime’

“The Powers Girl” - ‘Out Of This World’

“The Red Lantern” - ‘The Red Lantern’  

“Road To Morocco” - ‘Moonlight Becomes You’

“San Antonio” - ‘Some Sunday Morning’

“San Antonio Rose” - ‘Hi, Neighbor!’

“Sands Of Kalahara” - ‘Sands Of Kalahara’  

“Scandals” - ‘I’m On The Crest Of A Wave’

“Seven Sweethearts” - ‘You & The Waltz & I’

“She Shall Have Music” - ‘She Shall Have Music’  

“Shine On Harvest Moon” - ‘Time Waits For No One’

“Since You Went Away” - ‘Since You Went Away’ & ‘Together’

“The Singing Fool” - ‘Sonny Boy’

“Sing You Sinners” - ‘I’ve Got A Pocketful Of Dreams’

“Sing Your Way Back Home” - ‘I’ll Buy That Dream’  

“Sitting Pretty” - ‘Did You Ever See A Dream Walking?’

“Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs” - ‘Heigh Ho’

“Something To Shout About” - ‘You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To’

“Sons O Fun” - ‘Happy In Love’  

“The Sophomore” - ‘Little By Little’  

“The Sound Of Music” - ‘Maria’

“South Pacific” - ‘Bali Ha’l’  

“Spring Is Here” - ‘Cryin' For The Carolines’

“Springtime In The Rockies” - ‘I Had The Craziest Dream’

“State Fair” - ‘It Might As Well Be Spring’  

“Step Lively” - ‘As Long As There’s Music’

“Sun Valley Serenade” - ‘It Happened In Sun Valley’  

“Sweet & Low Down” - ‘I’m Making Believe’

“Sweet Music” - ‘Ev’ry Day’

“Sweet Rosie O’Grady” - ‘My Heart Tells Me (Should I Believe My Heart?)’

“Swing Time” - ‘A Fine Romance’ & ‘The Way You Look To-Night’

“The Texans” - ‘Silver On The Sage’

“3o Seconds Over Tokyo” - ‘I Love You - I Love You - I Love You Sweetheart Of All My Dreams’

“This Is The Army” - ‘With My Head In The Clouds’

“The Three Caballeros” - ‘You Belong To My Heart’

“Threes A Crowd” - ‘Body & Soul

“Thrill Of A Romance” - ‘I Should Care’

“Thousands Cheer” - ‘I Dug A Ditch’

“To Each His Own” - ‘To Each His Own’

“Town Tamer” - ‘Town Tamer’

“Two Girls & A Sailor” - ‘In A Moment Of Madness’ & ‘Sweet & Lovely’

“Two-Gun Rusty” - ‘Down In Santa Fe’

“Under A Texas Moon” - ‘Under A Texas Moon’  

“The Very Thought Of You” - ‘The Very Thought Of You’

“Wabash Avenue” - ‘Wilhelmina’  

“Waco” - ‘Waco’

“Wake Up & Live” - ‘Never In A Million Years’  

“Waterhole # 3” - ‘Rainbow Valley’

“Weary River” - ‘Weary River’  

“When My Baby Smiles At Me” - ‘What Did I Do?’  

“Where Love Has Gone” - ‘Where Love Has Gone’

“The White Heather” - ‘The White Heather’  

“Whoopee” - ‘Maybe! - Who Knows?’  

“You Came Along” - ‘You Came Along From Out Of Nowhere’

“Young Guns II” - ‘Blaze Of Glory’

“You Were Never Lovelier” - ‘I’m Old Fashioned’


Gracie Allen & & George Burns - ‘You’re A Natural’

Kay Allen - ‘In The Blue Of The Evening’

The Andrea True Connection - ‘What’s Your Name? What’s Your Number?’

Annette - ‘No Way To Go But Up’

Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers - ‘A Fine Romance’

Pat Boone - With The Wind & The Rain In Your Hair, ‘Beach Girl’ & Say Goodbye                                                        

Perry Como - ‘Fooled’

The Crew-Cuts - ‘Sh-Boom’ (Life Could Be A Dream)

Bing Crosby - ‘Going My Way’, ‘I’d Rather Be Me’, ‘Swinging On A Star’ & ‘The Bells Of St. Mary’s’                                 

Benny Davis & Harry Akst - Baby Face - 1926

Deanna Durbin - ‘Can’t Help Singing’, ‘Any Moment Now’, ‘Californ-i-ay’ & ‘Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year’ 

Jimmy Ellison - ‘The Call Of The Prairie’  

Mae-Aileen Erb - ‘Whiz! Goes The Train!’  (For The Piano)   

Leo Feist - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Simplified Piano Solo With Words - 1946

Max Fisher & His Orchestra - ‘Home On The Range’

Connie Francis - ‘Jealous Heart’

Lefty Frizzell & Ray Price - ‘Give Me More, More, More’  

Judy Garland - ‘For Me & My Gal’

Marvin Gaye - ‘Inner City Blues’ (Make Me Wanna Holler)

Daryl Hall & John Oates - ‘Missed Opportunity’

Redd ‘Mr. Texas’ Harper - ‘My Testimony Song’

The Inkspots & Ella Fitzgerald - ‘Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall’

Jon Bon Jovi - ‘Blaze Of Glory’

Jack Jones - ‘Where Love Has Gone’

Buddy Kaye & Ted Mossman - ‘Full Moon & Empty Arms’

Kay Kyser & His Band - ‘Don’t Believe Everything You Dream’, ‘Candlelight & Wine’

The Lettermen - ‘All The Grey Haired Men’

Guy Lombardo & His Orchestra - ‘Where The Sweet Forget-Me-Nots Remember’

Rose Marie - When The Moon Bids The Sun Goodnight  

Dean Martin - ‘5 Card Stud’

Richard Marx - ‘Satisfied’

Metallica - ‘Nothing Else Matters’

George Michael & Deon Estus - ‘Heaven Help Me’

Glenn Miller & His Orchestra - ‘Moonlight Mood’

Roger Miller - ‘Rainbow Valley’

Vaughn Monroe - ‘There, I’ve Said It Again’

Steve Nelson & Jack Rollins - Frosty The Snowman & Peter Cottontail

Roy Orbison - ‘She’s A Mystery To Me’

J. S. Pierpont - Jingle Bells - 1950

Cole Porter  - ‘You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To’

Bob Russell & Harold Spina - ‘Would I Love You? - 1950

Dinah Shore - ‘Baby, Don’t Be Mad At Me’, ‘He’s Home For A Little While’ & ‘Jim’

Frank Sinatra - ‘I Have But One Heart’, ‘Lily Belle’, ‘Dream’ & ‘A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening’

Sonny & Cher - ‘All I Ever Need Is You’  

Lawrence Tibbett's Favorite Concert Songs - ‘Life Is A Dream’

Bobby Vinton - ‘Blue On Blue’

White Lion - ‘When The Children Cry’

Jackie Wilson - ‘I’ll Be Satisfied’   


A-Tisket A Tasket


All My Love

Along The Navajo Trail

American Music

‘Baby Face’

Beautiful Brown Eyes

Black Ball Ferry Line

The Blacksmith Blues

Blue Moon

Comin' In On A Wing & A Prayer

Dear Old Donegal

The Donkey Serenade

Don't Ask Me Why

‘Dueling Bangos’

‘The Fight Is On’ - 1918

‘Frankie & Johnny’

‘From The Top Of Your Head To The Tip Of Your Toes’

Frosty The Snow Man

‘Gee, Isn't It Great To Be An American!’

‘Good-Bye Broadway, Hello France’ - 1917

‘Good Night, Wherever You Are’


‘How ‘Ya Gonna Keep’Em Down On The Farm (After They’ve Seen Paree?)’

‘I Believe In Miracles’

‘I Promise You’

‘I Still Get A Thrill (Thinking Of You)’

‘If I Should Lose You’

‘If You Are But A Dream’

‘I’m Popeye The Sailor Man’

‘Is It True What They Say About Dixie?’

‘It's The Talk Of The Town’

‘Jingle Bells’

‘Just An Echo In The Valley’


‘Little Lady Make Believe’

‘A Little White Gardenia’

‘Long Boy - Good-Bye, Ma! Good-Bye, Pa! Good-Bye, Mule (With Yer Old Hee-Haw!’ - 1917

‘Lost In A Fog’

‘A Love Story - Intermezzo’

‘Loved & Lost’

The Marines' Hymn

‘Mistaken In You’

‘Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter’

‘Music for Violin & Piano’

‘Music Music Everywhere (But Not A Song In My Heart)’

‘My Mom’

‘Near You’

‘No! No! A Thousand Times No!’

‘Oh! What It Seemed To Be’

‘Old Cape Cod’

‘Ole Buttermilk Sky’

‘Papa Loves Mambo’

‘Peg O’ My Heart’

‘Peter Cottontail’

‘Please Don't Go So Soon’

‘Retreat (Cries My Heart)’

‘Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town’ - Children's Edition

‘She Wears Red Feathers (& A Huly-Huly Skirt)’

‘She’s A Great, Great Girl’


‘Song Of The Open Road’

‘Stars Fell On Alabama’

‘Tennessee’ - 1915

‘Thank You For A Lovely Evening’

‘That Christmas Feeling’

‘That’s All I Want From You’

The Gang That Sang ‘Heart Of My Soul’

‘Then I’ll Come Back To You’

‘There’ll Be A Hot Time In The Town Of Berlin When The Yanks Go Marching In’

‘There’ll Be Blue Birds Over The White Cliffs Of Dover’

‘There’s A Gold Mine In The Sky’

‘Three On A Match’

‘Tiny Little Fingerprints’

‘Way Back Home’

‘When You Were Sixteen’

‘Where Do We Go From Here?’ - 1917

‘With The Wind & The Rain In Your Hair’

‘Wonderful! Wonderful!’

‘Would I Love You (Love You, Love You)’

‘You Broke The Only Heart That Ever Loved You’

‘You Can’t Be True’

‘You Can’t Stop Me From Dreaming’

‘You’ll Be Sorry, Japan’

‘You’ll Never Know’

‘You’ve Got Ev’rything’


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Song Sheets

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Roy Rogers & Dale Evans - America's Way Of Life, Let's Go To The Rodeo
A Christmas Prayer
& Merry Christmas, My Darling  


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